Bellevue Dental Emergency

This patient came in to our dental office this morning (Saturday) and was holding a tooth in her hand.  We had never seen her before but she looked like she needed some help.  She returned in a few hours and we were able to seat her and do a proper examination on what needed to be done.  Her tooth #8 originally had an all ceramic crown and she was holding it in her hand.  It had broken off from the tooth, along with the build-up material.  However, not so lucky was the tooth #9 which has\d a horizontal fracture which fortunately did not involve the nerve.  We were able to her numb her up.  We cleaned the inside of the crown using a porcelain etch, then applied Monobond the porcelain primer.  The broken crown was the cemented.  After the crown was put back, we were able to fix the other 2 broken teeth using a layering technique for composite resins.  It means that we used different opacities of the resin (dentin shade, body shade, enamal shade) and were able to achieve near-perfection of the restorations after contouring and shaping of the composite restorations.  The patient was once again, able to smile, even though her lips were all swollen from the fact that she had fallen on the concrete, breaking her teeth.