Migraine Treatment and Prevention

Do you often get headaches, or worse yet, migraine headaches?

Do you have to take pain-killers for those migraine episodes that nobody wants? Studies have shown that a major source of migraine is actually from bruxism, or clenching/grinding of teeth, at night during sleep. Bruxism, or parafunction, is a very very common "disorder" that many people have.

Not all of those who grind or clench their teeth at night (or even during the day) will get headaches, but the majority of those will have other signs and symptoms like chipping of the teeth, tooth fracture, sensitivity of the teeth, premature worn teeth, sore jaw, loose teeth, broken fillings and restorations, etc. So it is generally a good idea to protect the teeth from damaging each other from night time parafunction, by wearing a nightguard such as a NTI-tss.

Dr. Chen has been offering the NTI-tss device for more than 7 years to protect patients' teeth and restorations, and to treat and prevent migraine headaches for those sufferers with great success.

Now! The most effective non-drug FDA-cleared method of MIGRAINE PREVENTION.

Over 29 million Americans suffer from migraines. The NTI-tss Dental Device cleared by the FDA, is indicated for migraine prevention. It is a small nightguard that comfortably fits over your front teeth as shown below.

Its patented design keeps your canine and back teeth apart. This separation minimizes the intensity of your nighttime clenching forces.

It is a device to be used in the prophylactic treatment of medically diagnosed migraine pain as well as migraine associated tension-type headaches, by reducing their signs and symptoms through reduction of trigeminally innervated muscular activity.

Using the NTI-tss means: No Drugs, No Shots, No Surgery, No Side Effects, and Safe for use during pregnancy.

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